I did my opinion on the matter, that's all. It was not a personal attack or some dismissive commentary, I just don't want people to get frustrated because "notice me, senpai" is not working for this game and these forums. I respect those feelings, but don't approve of the attitude. Some big changes that made it into the game derived from the feedback and critique posted online, like stealth advantage removal, high ground advantage rework, companion's attitude tweak, offensive cantrips rework, melee combat enhancement etc. There was no big promise or in advance commentary about those either. Community updates are scarce now and it is understandable, I can only imagine the pressure on the team, considering the irl quality drop and release date pressure.

I'd have no problem with the party of 6 tbh, don't find it necessary though. I think Nicou mentioned some time ago that the team is now working on the reaction system rework, may be they are all-in on this feature, for now, so they won't give any new insights. And the bare bone of a commentary such as "guys no promises may be this, but may be that, but we are reading your feedback" doesn't have much essence in it and is unappealing to me, personally.

P.s. and still this kind of commentary was actually given several weeks ago. frequent reassurance with no meat on the horizon can sound like a false promise, imo

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