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The BG3 Elves are waaay more Elf than those haircuts in RoP. I can't call them Elves hence the term haircut.

Heheh I don't know, maybe it's just like our Second Age Elf version of a really bad short hair trend? A sign of the darkening times, without even a hint of sideburn lol. I'm not sure I really need Gil-Galad to have great hair for things to still work out though.

Honestly Felagund looked almost exactly like that default BG3 male Half-Elf from the polygon article of two years ago. You know the patch 2 raz joke about BG3 players going way too basic in the char creator. Felagund pretty much copied that dude's BG3 Cleric look entirely, just in blonde, so I don't know lol. Maybe it's like their version of a Quaker beard or something, and Gil-Galad and Elrond are going full honest Abe for this one, but then it falls out of fashion, with the cooler hair of the 3rd Age waiting to steal the show there. Just so we'd have something to compare it to more favorably later on hehehe

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