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the Pathfinder elves who, again, just are distressing to look at

^ Thanks for the Vietnam War flashback.

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It's interesting thinking about how fashion and culture would work among a people who live many human lifetimes. I find that Human's tend to find their style when they first become adults, so for Elves you'd imagine a breadth of fashion, hairstyles and customs spanning centuries, even if things change more slowly.

Elves aren't Humans, though; depending on their particular race, an Elf lives anywhere from a few centuries to an entire millennium. Outside of combat or emergencies, they* tend to think or change at a commensurately slower pace. I know this isn't always represented in D&D-based fiction, but it is apparently a part of their psychology. That said, they are primarily Chaotic Good in Alignment, so you should expect quite a bit of individuality in each individual's wardrobe.

* Adventurer-friendly exceptions aside.