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But again, just because some art shows elves looking that way, it doesn't actually mean that's how all elves are.

The very first example from the AD&D Player's Handbook (way back in the late 1970s) ->

[Linked Image from panzerleader.files.wordpress.com]

The Elf is significantly shorter and slimmer than the Human; the Elf features pointed ears and almond eyes (they're not blatant, but they are there).

Bottom line: you can point to pieces which were comparatively lazier attempts (e.g., Elves as Humans or Drow as African-Americans/standard old men) and I'll agree that they exist, but to argue that there wasn't a collective baseline representation over the years of Elves that looked properly otherworldly/sylvan is disingenuous.

Ok. That's a good example. Like I said, I've always thought of them as traditionally that way, but there are many things that I've thought were a certain way only to discover that they were not. Someone told me they were that way, and I believed it and ran with it.

I will add to your comment about Laurana and Elmore and point out the image of Laurana in front of Tekisis.


She looks much more Elven in that image.

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