I accept artistic license when it comes to how elves are portrayed.

lol, you know, I remember being young and reading my first Forgotten Realms novel, which was Spellfire, by Ed Greenwood. The book mentioned elves, and the whole time I had pictured in my head little Keebler elves. It took me a while to figure out they were different.

I think it's fine to have different interpretations, and I think it's nice that artists get to explore different looks.

There's actually a passage in the Dragonlance book by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman that refer to dark elves having facial hair... even though you'd think those books would know better, especially considering how Tanis Half-Elven had a beard as a sort of representation of his human side.


For me, the only important thing in terms of BG3 is whether or not I find the faces appealing. Either attractive or full of character. And--again, at least for me--a lot of the faces fail that test. Not just the elves, but all the male human faces.

Some of them just look... weird. Almost goofy.