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I accept artistic license when it comes to how elves are portrayed.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I hesitate to say that the models for BG3 are unattractive because DANG. These are real people. Right? Someone stood up and put themselves out there to become characters in the game. It's kinda mean to say they are unattractive and such. Each is attractive in their own way and to someone.

I totally agree with you, though, JandK. There aren't a ton of faces that tend to fit what I'm imagining for my characters, especially for guys.

What I truly want isn't a removal of faces. It's adding more faces, and I think we all want more elvish faces like what Goldberry was describing. But again, I'd like all faces available for all races. I think it'd be cool, for example, to create a more oriental elf or dwarf or halfling or whatever. Why not? Let us be creative and outside the box. The more unique, the better in my opinion.

Oh... Wait. I do want some faces removed. I want the faces removed that belong to NPCs. I hate creating a character and then discovering some NPC has the same face. It's weird.

You know, I actually agree about most of what you've just said.

I actually don't find any of the faces ugly (honestly). Some are a bit more atypical but they have their charmed/cuteness. I'm all for atypical/non-conventional models.

I do agree that it would be nice to have more faces for all races and genders. And if they don't have strict rules (like it seems to be the case now) about how races should typically look...then share the models between the different races(/genders?).

However, I don't want options to be removed. Maybe changing the face of NPCs instead?

Ah. True. I did create a character that looked like an NPC, and I rather liked his look. It would suck to later try to recreate him and have to go with a different face.