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I will add to your comment about Laurana and Elmore and point out the image of Laurana in front of Tekisis.

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She looks much more Elven in that image.

A Caldwell piece, eh? That's a nice find!

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I think it comes from Arthur Rackham myself, but not so much from the way he depicted Elves (since they look more like the christmas germanic goblin versions) but rather from his faeries and the way he drew his heroines especially. Like I'm sure Tolkien was familiar enough with his illustrations of Sigurd and whatnot, but I mean more like what he did for Undine. I think Tolkien probably saw Undine and said, yep, that's the one! And Galadriel is basically that...

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Mister Elk, your breakdowns continue to impress me to no end; these contributions of yours are true treasures!

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I accept artistic license when it comes to how elves are portrayed.

To an extent.

This thread has already demonstrated that there's plenty of artistic variety when it comes to properly depicted Dungeons & Dragons elves: the ears, the eyes (almond/slanted/unusual colors/et cetera), the fine/chiseled features (oftentimes angular) and - in many instances - the build (slender and shorter compared to humans). Slapping pointy ears on a human is not only Lazy (with a capital "L"), but it clashes with the racial standard in an especially glaring way. IMO, the only specimens of that type which should exist are so for a good reason: Polymorph, a family curse, a Reincarnation imposed by a powerful figure (typically a god), a custom-tailored illusory appearance, a setting where elves are explicitly described as looking almost indistinguishable from humans, et cetera. They absolutely should not represent a typical example of Corellon's kids.