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Also, thanks for the kind words there Ragitsu! haha! Since these boards have no feedback reactions, it can be pretty hard to tell what people think of a given thought or idea sometimes. Like I'll spend an hour trying to write something, only to wonder if anyone ever even read it lol. So that was nice to catch a nod there. Take care and see ya on the next round!


I should respond more often up. Alas, energy is one commodity I have in short supply these days.

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ps. here this is what I'm talkin about... In BG3 the Elf body phenotype is indistinguishable from that of the Human or the Half-Elf, since the bodies are actually identical, just with a different head tacked on.

[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

I think it's helpful to see the images together, since the cycler (only showing 1 selection at a time) obfuscates what's going on and makes some of this stuff appear to be a lot more variable than it actually is.

It truly is shocking how - once they are placed abreast for the purposes of comparison - all of the traditional D&D races in Larian's attempt reveal uniform builds among the sexes. Too bad Goldberry can't amend the first post in this thread to show your work! Each successive effort (by yourself or anyone else similarly dedicated) strengthens the case that much more.

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Right now, if someone was wearing a Helmet or a Hood you wouldn't be able to tell the difference at all. I think that's a bit of an issue. I should be able to pick out an Elf the same way I can pick out a Dwarf or an Orc.

This is what I was banging on about earlier: the ease with which you can eradicate a Larian BG3 Elf's features to make them human. All it takes is two fingers held up to an Elf's head (one finger for one ear) and the lack of artistic effort is immediately revealed. Magic aside, the only occasions where an Elf can meaningfully obscure their anatomical distinctiveness (i.e., their build) involve darkness and/or distance; their physiognomy is a dead giveaway once they are viewed up close.