Since we are discussing Ye Olde Humans with Pointeth Ears, I thought I should take the time to bring up one of my favorite Half-Elves in Forgotten Realms fiction (courtesy of author Lisa Smedman).

SPOILERS AHEAD for Heirs of Prophecy!

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Larajin is a Half-Elf (part Wood Elf, to be specific) that appears almost entirely human; her ears are even rounded just like a human's ears. However, there is an actual reason as to WHY she looks this way...a reason that does not stem from laziness or the missing of a design memo.

By the way, this beleaguered maid eventually becomes a priest that venerates both Sune and Hanali Celanil (the human and elf gods of beauty and love, respectively).

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Also, here's another example of a non-D&D Elf that fits the bill when it comes to germane examples, from a rendition by artist Michael Whelan.

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It can be difficult to discern - as the piece isn't focused on her in particular - but that female Elf's (okay, Sithi's) face looks properly otherworldly and angular.