——I've got a feeling that something between your example and the current will be the final result, of course with tweeks, a lot of background mechanics, and passive rolls. As early access is all about testing: the software, for glitches, game mechanics, player feedback, bugs, incompatibilities, more player feedback, what is good vs bad, what is missing vs going overboard, more feedback, etc. BUT the one thing I've noticed people not really talking about along with specific forum threads like this is difficulty levels and/or customizable difficulty levels.
——I've got a feeling that our current Early Access difficulty is probably the easiest or 1 step above easiest probably of at least 5 pre-set difficulties, and will offer almost 100% fully customizable difficulty levels. There may even be a few questions as presented by voice in your head asking you like "My dear sweet thing, your mundane past is now a destiny for you to take control of. What do you see as the best path forward? 1) a simple stroll where everything goes according to my wishes (story oriented)... 2.) The same 'no pain no gain' (Balanced)... 3.) "More difficult so I can become the best I can be (Strategy Balanced)... 4.) Send me to the gates of hell and I will find a way to conquer all 9 of them (Hardest Core Rules)... etc". With 5-10 more to personalize unless you choose a pre-set or customize in profile or options.
Everything is to easy! Sleight of hand, nerfed enemies (I mean serious how many of us have killed all Demons/Devil's + Mindflayer @ Lvl-1, supplies & resting, way to much "Named Gear & Loot", etc.