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Drow skin tones ranged from dark grey, jet-black, and obsidian, (with various shades of blue), the albino drow known as the Szarkai being an exception.

That seems about right; the overwhelming majority of Drow are going to look black...literally black. There are some oddities, but that's to be expected. Problem is, modern WOTC seems scared to death of portraying D&D's Dark Elves as genuinely dark.

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It's a perfectly fine Drow.

Absolutely not; I see a human pretending to be a Dark Elf. If you believe that specimen to be a perfectly acceptable representation of an average Dark Elf, then something has gone seriously wrong. Best case scenario, they are - at most (barring the ears, obviously) - one-quarter Elf.

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However, I'm just not a fan of bashing people's head with "It's not an elf!" or "It's not a drow" when artists (this include video game developers) or players share their own elven/drow characters. People can accept some homebrewing here and there, I think that's also valid when it comes the appearances of races/characters.

You don't agree that there should be a baseline appearance? Anything goes as "normal"? The name of the race means nothing?