How come we are stuck with only the Wood elf, Dark Elf (Drow) or the High Elf as Elven races to choose from?

What happened to all the other Elven races of the Forgotten Realms, the Avariel, Lythari, Moon elf, Sea elf, Star elf, Sun elf and Wild elf?

Is there some sort of legal/copyright prohibition against Larian using them or will they (or only some of them) be implemented when the game is officially launched?

I enjoyed playing a Moon Elf whose skin tones and hair colour made her appear superficially like a Drow. This would often cause other surface elves as well as many other surface races to get very worried when they encountered her.

Fond memories of my tabletop RPG games come flooding back now I have mentioned this.

Guess I am hoping for too much.