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There could easily be an option in the Game Settings called Max Party Size, with initial value 4. You could increase it, up to the maximum size the engine can handle. If you increase it, the game could have a pop-up window saying "Hi there. The game is designed for parties of 4 adventurers. If you increase this number, the game will not react to that change. Notably, combat encounters will not scale accordingly, and will become less challenging. You could probably try to make them challenging again by using the difficulty settings. But that is not the experience we designed, and we recommend you keep Max Party Size at 4". The "Continue" button could read "I understand, but I'll increase this number anyway". The "Cancel" button could read "Oops. I'll stick to the default value". It would really cost Larian little work to implement that.]
This was allready suggested few dozen times. smile
Usualy as counterargument when someone claim that 6member party would require reballance whole game.

I also think this would be win-win for everyone. +1

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One possible reason behind their stance is the following.
I may have another: Responsibility

As someone who is using said mod quite often ... i have noticed several bugs ... to name 3 bigest:
1) Clipping issues
(my party members often stands inside each other) ... especially during conversations and curscenes.

2) Suden death
(game kills extra party members sometimes) ... my personal theory is that this happens when you dont have spawning points

3) Dialogue overwriting
(clmpanions who are on 5th or 6th slot didnt respond to my actions at all) ... for example when you rescue Sazza, Gale dont talk to you
This one gets super anoying ... but i was told (by Tuco i believe) that source of this problem can be something else ... sadly i dont remember what.

Same goes for custom party tho ... if you have 2 or more custom Tavs, they debate every event in game between each other ... effectively blocking out allmost all and every companion dialogue outside the camp.
Your followers dont even get get yellow ! and if you purposefully try to talk to then rather than other Tav, they instead start regular "you want something?" dialogue. frown

And of course it is possibke that it cause sone crashes aswell ... but in this stage its hard to tell.

If Larian would implement this option officialy this (and possibly other) isues would become their responsibility.
Their game would be without a debate broken ...
But as long as we are using mod, its our fault ...

Is that lazy?
Well ... i gues from certain point of view it can be seen that way.
But you cant argue it have some sense ... why would they invest time and resources to stabilize something they didnt even inted to exist in the first place.

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown