[quote=Ethrael]Medusa, one of my favorite characters so far (and I thought I didn't like that face at first!)
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Nice. That open front leather jacket with the blue dress is gorgeous. And the little leather piece to weight down the fabric and stabilize the cleavage is a nice touch. Only one flaw though. The drawn on shadow beneath her right breast is obviously there to give the illusion of a gap between the fabric and the skin, a 3D effect, but as seen on the second picture, it doesn't account for different lighting, as now the light comes from her left, but the shadow still shows it coming from the right. But that's me being nitpicky.

Oh, and the metal belt/hip protection doesn't look very comfortable but hey, the things we do for fashion smile

Oh, and there's also clipping problems with the shoulder pads but that's not dress designer's fault.

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