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What if the reason is as simple as quality?
I see no conection ...
You presumed there will be 7 Origin characters ... okey, lets put questions about that number aside, and work with that.

So you created 7 Origin characters ...
And then allow to people only take 3 of them at once ...
Instead of 5 of them at once ...

How exactly does that affect quality? O_o

The more companions you add the less quality they will have. There is a budget and time limit to everything. I prefer to have 7 fleshed out companions than 20 that are carbon copies of themselves. Even BG2 with all it's great companions had just stupid filler ones with absolutely no substance - just to fill out the need to have 5 or more good/neutral/evil aligned companions because of the 6-man parties. I would prefer BG3 not go this way.

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There has to be a limit to those, I get that.
I dont ... explain please. smile
I would even dare to say there is no need for limit at all.

Limit to the number of companions we get. See explanation above.

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And it would not be fun to get the same ones on every run.
Says who?

Roleplayers? I dunno, some companions won't mix well with all main characters I assume. Why would I drag an obviously evil character along when I play as a lawful good character?

I mean, yeah im aware that people are often getting sick of our curent 5 companions ...
But keep in mind that we are talking here about cases where people have often thousand hours, out of 20h content. laugh

And yet you would want to limit the replayability even further by not wanting to have to mix it up?

Also, please keep in mind that as stated countless times before, nobody forces anyone to expand party limit to 6 ...
Meaning if you wish to play with your 3 companions, while everyone else is sitting in camp poking fire with a stick and thinking about cloud shapes ... you can. laugh

No, because of game balance. If a game is designed for a party of 6 the encounters will become too hard with a party of 2-3.

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Nor it would be okay for us to run around with mute mercenaries adding absolutely nothing to the story.
And yet that is something we have promised as far as i know. :P laugh

Didn't hear that, no idea why anyone would want to play a RP game with silent companions - unless they are undead minions. It's kind of like playing a shooter game with only one gun.

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Seems like a design choice made quite consciously and does not ruin anything as many here imply?
Can you provide some examples? :P
Of what? The design choice? Play the game, it's right there.
Of people being overly dramatic? Won't go through this topic again, got enough whiplash for now, thanks.

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The game is balanced around a group of 4 and adding more would not do the game any good mechanic-wise.
I have missed this. laugh

Missed what? The gameplay? confused

You are here for last two years, so i dare to presume you noticed that countless people countless times allready mentioned that, they dont give a shit about ballance, and would be perfectly okey with game being unchanged ... since that is kinda exactly what the mod gives us. laugh
So, we allready tryed it ... most of us at least ... and gues what? We love it! :P

In other words: Adding more go the game some good ... its fun. smile
Dont damn it till you try. :P

Sure, adding more is fine but not if there is not much more to add. Unless you have 5 friends to play with there is little to no way to fill that whole place up with 'matching' companions right now.

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Adding an option with a visible alert that it most probably brake the game seems fine, but then again no designer wants to listen to people whinine "but the option was there and it broke my game!" every day after launch, no matter how many times you ask if the player is sure he wants it.
Thats cute ...
As if some designer theese days would even presume that there is some "nobody is whining" option present. laugh

Nah, we both know (or at least i sure do, and i totally believe that designers do aswell, especialy after 2years of EA) that you can only decide who will be whining and what about ... but its existence is inevidable. :P
Either you will have idiots whining about their own ignorance of clearly stated warning ...
Or you will have other people whining about missing most desired and demanded option since EA start ...

Choose wisely. wink

Don't fix what ain't broken.