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The more companions you add the less quality they will have.
Cute ...
Now where exactly is anyone except you talking about "more companions" ?

You know ... 3 out of 7 and 5 out of 7 ...
Are both working with exactly same amount of 7 companions. smile

And as i said, that amount of 7 companions, was your theory. wink :P

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Even BG2 with all it's great companions had just stupid filler ones with absolutely no substance - just to fill out the need to have 5 or more good/neutral/evil aligned companions because of the 6-man parties.
I think we can say quite confidently, that Larian is doing things their way and dont look too much into "what was in BG2, or BG1" ...
Not exactly the best decision (acording to some people) ... true ... but at least we can presume that they will not repeat misstakes from the past. wink

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I dunno, some companions won't mix well with all main characters I assume. Why would I drag an obviously evil character along when I play as a lawful good character?
There is as much reasons as there are players/characters who does that. laugh
Redemption, lack of anything better, personal sympaties beyond their alignment ... pick yours, or create new one ... any reason is as valid as any other. wink

But you are corect, they dont mix well ...
But the statement was:
And it would not be fun to get the same ones on every run.
And i disagree ...

Every story can potentialy be fun, even with same companions, especialy if you replay it ...
Bcs you allready know one version of it ... so every other run, you will likely change things, to keep it fresh.

Sure, you can say: "I allready had Lae'zel with me last run, lets pick Bert this time!" ... thats perfectly fine. smile
You can aswell say: "I allready had Lae'zel in party with Evil character last run, lets make Good one this time!" ... and maybe it surprise you, but it can be fun aswell, even tho you "get the same ones on every run." wink

Remember that this is not topic about "total amount of existing companions" ...
But about "amount of companions i can have with me in the field". smile

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And yet you would want to limit the replayability even further by not wanting to have to mix it up?
There is no limitation ...

There would be limitation, if the game would be completely reworked for 6 member party, with no way back ... BUT! ... That is not what people were asking for. wink

Its true that if you have 7 non-repetitive variables and are picking 3 of them, you can potentialy create MUCH more permutations, than if you are picking 5 of them ... thats base math. smile
Question is tho, if you can still make enough of them ... my answer is: Yes, you certainly can. smile
And as mentioned abowe ... if your answer is no ... well, all you need to do is simply not turn this alternation on. laugh

So ... sory, but i dont see any limitation. smile
Only possibilities, and only for those who want them. wink

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No, because of game balance. If a game is designed for a party of 6 the encounters will become too hard with a party of 2-3.
First of all ... i said 3 companions ... your character + 3 companions = party of 4 ... aka curent state. laugh

Second ... yes, if a game is designed ... wich it isnt, and as i said, nobody requested it to be designed that way, on the contrary people keep ensuring other people that they dont want any redesign, reballance, or any simmilar stuff ... so why are we even talking about it? laugh
There is one quote i remember, dunno where i readed it tho:
"If there is problem in alternative universe, its theirs ... not ours." wink

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Didn't hear that, no idea why anyone would want to play a RP game with silent companions - unless they are undead minions. It's kind of like playing a shooter game with only one gun.
Dont know, dont care ... not my problem why peple do what people do. laugh

Swen specificaly said that BG-3 WILL include mercenary companions system, thats all i can say ...
Cant link you to original ... i mean i could, if i would really want to search for it ... but i dont, so its up to you i gues. laugh It was in one of early interviews tho. smile

Personaly i dont see problem in that ...
You want it > here it is.
You dont want it > just dont use it.
You can notice this phylosophy a lot in my posts. smile

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people being overly dramatic
Good example, thank you. laugh

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Missed what? The gameplay? confused
This ... "argument" ... for lack of better therm.
Long time no see. laugh

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Sure, adding more is fine but not if there is not much more to add.
There is no adding discuised in this particular topic ...
As stated several times before, this is just a matter of selecting a larger sample from allready existing group. wink

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Unless you have 5 friends to play with there is little to no way to fill that whole place up with 'matching' companions right now.
Once again you are talking about something entirely different. O_o

First of all 6 member party =/= 6 players party ... on mechanical level that is WHOLE different problem, wich was discarted long time ago in this topic as beautifull, but completely unrealistic dream ... especialy since Larian specificaly promised splitscreen gameplay.

Second dont get upset (or do, if you concider that adequate reaction) but since there are no companions beyond our curent band officialy anounced ... except Swens promise that "there will be more" ... you cant know this.
(Yes, i know there is datamined evidence ... but as everyone who ever present anything datamined should notice ... and to my knowledge they do ... NOTHING datamined should ever be taken as confrimmed, until developers say so.)

And last but certainly not least ... 'matching' is relative ... and certainly not universaly required. :P

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Don't fix what ain't broken.
This isnt matter of fixing either ...
More like upgrading. :P

And being broken in this particular context, is relative at best. :P

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