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Man OP is really clear and honestly this gets +1 from me.

But question regarding half-orcs.How human should they look like?
Like is it supposed to be closer to the various fan arts where they look like buff green elves or are they supposed to look like the unholy monstrosities from the Elder Scrolls Oblivion?
I am hoping for something close to this mod, it looks so gorgeous :
[Linked Image from cdn.discordapp.com]
[Linked Image from cdn.discordapp.com]

Making the monstrous races more attractive/humanlike is a kind of cheat.
I'll argue that half-orcs should look as foreign from a human as half-elfs are, so this depiction fits perfectly to me.

Orcs are ugly; Half-Orcs may look better than a full-blooded Orc, but they'd still - on average - appear unattractive by Human standards.