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Ask 3 people here in this thread if they consider someone attractive. If 2 wll say they are....then they are.
But thazs exactly the problem. smile

Ask 3 people ... and they are.
Ask another 3 ... and they are no longer.
Ask another 3 ... and they are again!

I just recently seen really nice picture about standards of beauty around the globe ... can edit it later if ypu are interested ... bcs i would have to google it.

I for example never really understood how can people find Shadowheart atractive ... i presume its bcs she is the only human faced woman in party ... so "in land of blind, one-eyed is the king" kind of situation.
Personaly i dont like her visage much ... even rho with some modifications i have seen on chubblot videos shes not that bad anymore.

Or Karlach ... i LOVE her curent visage ... and yet some people wish to revert it back to that kinda boring version we have seen earlier.

Beauty is subjective ... thats not even for debate, its just a fact.

If my comments bother you, there is nothing easier than telling me to stop.
I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink