Agreed Mat22 - just replayed Valley DLC with monk, and have played all the classes you noted (barring Bard). Popups are not elegant, but they give me the precise control and reactivity I need and that is important for my tactical enjoyment. That said, I do understand that some people simply don't like them and don't want to have to make these decisions with any regularity. I really think (as has been suggsted many times) the simplest approach would be to keep the system they have for those who don't mind, and to introduce popups option for those who do, perhaps with some additional configurability. From an implementation stand point, popups appear uncomplicated. But everything depends on the backend and how they have implemented when events fire - but the fact that they can support events out of turn order already in their existing reactions scheme means that it must be there? Things like smite are different, not being reactions, but for bog standard reactions, I don't quite see why it is problematic to expose more nuanced control. We'll have to see what they have done though - they are working on some alternative. [I have forgotten or not read all the pages of this thread, so maybe their is some technological limitation people have mentioned that means popups can't be implemented - dislike is not a technological limitation ;-) ]