Funnily enough, it's Larian's camera AI and game engine itself that causes the problem that GM4Him mentions, rather than actual game lag... When a new turn starts, the camera is Often slow to respond, and the creature it is switching to is often already moving, acting or otherwise taking their turn well before the camera has even focused on them - this is especially true of archers and other ranged-focused creatures. I cannot count the number of times I've ended my turn, only to have the camera essentially freak out as it tries to zip over to a goblin, who has already fired an arrow while the camera is in transit, and it barely or cannot even reach them before it's attempting to yank away in a different direction to show what they hit, but doesn't get there either because it's yanking back to where they are now shoving something else - and the camera doesn't even manage to steady its focus at all until the goblin is more or less finished with their turn. This happens on the regular, and is something they've struggled to address through several attempts to improve their camera control.

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