Agreed, the camera argument is weird. Larian just needs to fix it. If the camera is not pointing to the spot where things are currently happening this is a fault in itself.

I think this is one of the few cases where it is really justified to build in two options. Have a system where you need to press a key (with generous time) for those who want to avoid popups completely and still retain control plus a popup based system where you can fine tune in what situations you get the popup. Let players decide between the two.

The most important thing for me here is that we really get decent reactions. The entire system is built around 1 action / 1 reaction, and Larian is already not honoring the 1 action part sufficiently, with allowing Sorcerers to cast two (non-cantrip) spells in one round or by having haste give another action. In combination with the lack of good reactions this will make the turn based alpha strike issue worse than it is P&P.