Allright, this one is on me ... should have provide more context.

I didnt think anyone would read it as me thinking that Larian sudently decided to triple our group size. laugh
I seemed quite obvious that this is the same situation as it is with siege of Druid Grove ...

But if we exclude those Heavy armor dudes (probably flaming fist) and those blue bandana/scarf people (harpers my gues?) ... we can count 6 characters ...

1 - In middle is our paladin, no doubt on my mind there.
2 - That Sorcerer tiefling we have seen casting Fireball in another scene, is behind her, on her right hand.
3 - Next to her, still on left side is some white haired persona with druidic armor, shield and club from Woodwoads ... that is our Druid, who transforms into a Owlbear later ...
4 - On the right side from paladin is Barbarian, who we can see rage in this very trailer.
5 - Next to him stands Jaheira.
6 - And up in the front ... is somehow who i believe seems like Counselor Florrick.

Coincidence? Most likely, but man can dream. :P

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