The gold scales are very beautiful and match his eyes perfectly!

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he's trying his damndest to romance astarion but he keeps trying to help people he doesn't know and astarion doesn't approve OTL He's still at high but... it could be very high.... if I was okay with ignoring the needy....... ast ario n....🥺🥺

Romancing Astarion with a helpful character can be tricky, but I noticed that in many situations he does not disapprove when my Tav is helping people, as long as she does not make a fuss about it wink
As long as she shows empathy, but does not make him feel pitied, and treat him as equal, everything is quite fine (But of course she will still take him to task when he says anything stupid wink )

And if you keep the interaction with the monster hunter Gandrel short, Astarion will not even disapprove that we will not kill him (of course, my kind Tavs will never kill Gandrel).You can get Astarion's (and Shadowheart's) approval even twice if you say "Boo"! to the Redcaps in the hag's swamp, when you have already seen through the illusion and they still pretend to be sheep.

I really like the tricky interactions with a kind, helpful Tav and (neither really kind nor helpful) Astarion. And there seems to be at least some development, he will even thank you for your help at one point, although he'll stumble over his words (Neil Newbon's voice acting is so good).

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