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Jior'gamon, a Gith druid.

Backstory wise he's supposed to be a Githzerai rather than a Githyanki. Also ideally a monk/druid multiclass, but I'll need to wait for full release for that.

Jior'gamon travels the multiverse studying various fauna he finds on his travels, keeping detailed records based on his observations about their physiology and behavior. While he does try to get the facts straight he is guilty of sometimes embellishing the truth to make his texts a more entertaining read. He dreams of one day populating a zoo within Limbo where his people can experience such animals first hand, but the nature of Limbo makes that a very difficult task.

He was on an expedition to the Prime Material Plane researching various dangerous wilflife when he got picked up by Ghaik and put in one of their pods. Being one of the very few living things in the multiverse Jior'gamon actually hates he's willing to team up with even a Githyanki to see that the tadpole does not continue to grow inside his head.