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This is indeed a hot topic in BG3. People are looking forward to a more perfect mechanism based on the expectations of this game, but is there a need for improvement? There seems to be no better answer.

I offer my answers and suggestions:
The original official approach was to not rest all the time, and the appearance of the characters would be messy, but due to some feedback, the ninth version has alleviated this effect.

The battle mechanism should be related to whether the length of the break is long or not. The official added a certain plot to this mechanism, which did lead to some different opinions.

My solution is to return to the combat mechanism and the reward mechanism.
Build the fatigue system:

1. Every time you go through a battle, you will be given a point of fatigue (not just the appearance is dirty)
2. For those who are resting in the camp without participating in the battle, the fatigue value will not increase after the battle. Players are encouraged to use backup players to play.
3. A long rest restores 3 points, and a short rest restores 0.5 points; once the fatigue value reaches 5 points, some negative effects will be given.

4. Try to give examples of the types of negative effects, based on different levels of fatigue (fatigue values 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.)
(Lv1) In the first round of the battle, our team must be in a delayed attack order. However, surprise attacks can eliminate this effect.
(Lv2) Penalties are imposed on stealth checks in normal state.
(Lv3) The character's field of vision and movement distance are penalized.
(Lv4) Penalties are imposed on hit/evasion checks.
(Lv5) HP will be reduced by 7% at the beginning and after the battle.

5. Based on D&D, I am designing a dice rolling system to balance it.
The higher the Fatigue value, the more debuffs above can be triggered; however each triggering effect is subject to a Constitution check.
There is no penalty for passing the check, and a penalty for failing the check.
But the check penalty for a critical failure is doubled.

6. Based on rewards and punishments in parallel, the following are possible reward systems (according to different fatigue levels):
(1) Additional monetary rewards
(2) Experience gained from battles increases
(3) Story props (magic cubes?), will give enchantment +1 to the equipment on the character (temporarily only once, replacing the equipment will cancel this effect, and at most one character can only have one equipment)
(4) The intimacy between the characters participating in the battle will be increased due to the joint experience of hard battles
(5) You can find hidden props by cleaning the battlefield, use the shovel to dig up the mysterious treasure chest. (Rewards for the battle-crazed who seek the toughest battles.)

Oh Lord no. Sorry, but that creates a ton of issues. First, it's way too complicated. You'll lose half to 3/4ths your audience. 2. You'll Long Rest MORE. If I get a point of Fatigue every fight, I'll do maybe 3 and LR. Right now, if I'm good, I can go quite far without LYING.

The true LR issue is that people can spam it, making SR pointless. There is no actual benefit to SR other than convenience.

Don't get me wrong, some of the concepts you made have promise, but I think overall the main issue was missed.

For example, I liked how characters who fight together gain more intimately.

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