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How do you feel about Jaheira?

I heared that she is supposed to be half-elf ...
But still, her face seems prety elfy to me ... compared to faces created for our PC at least.
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Children can take more after one parent than the other, yes? I don't know much about D&D, but it's seemingly that way with half elf/half dwarf cases. Players need to roll for what kind of hybrid is created.

This is possibly not universal, but I'm quite fine with it. More importantly, she looks close to the Bg2 concept. Though, I believe the button nose wasn't a good choice and the lower lip looks too full. That's just nitpicking.

My only real criticism is that the forehead's shortness creates an odd looking face. I would lower the height the eyes sit on, slim the bottom lip and narrow the nostrils. As a result, the nose will need complete resizing. It could really do with being a bit bigger and broader. A straight nose, rather than a button