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How do you feel about Jaheira?

I heared that she is supposed to be half-elf ...
But still, her face seems prety elfy to me ... compared to faces created for our PC at least.

[Linked Image from cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net]

... More importantly, she looks close to the Bg2 concept.

Yes, I'm happy that she's a decent interpretation of her BG2 portrait. She does look to me like she's wearing shimmery pink lipstick which is odd. I hope that's just the lighting in the shot and her lips are really a natural colour. And her brows look a bit too pencilled in. But otherwise there's nothing I'd be fussed about changing.

I think she looks too human for a full-blooded elf, but she's fine as the half-elf she is. And definitely an improvement on the half-elf females available for custom characters, which for me is the worst selection in the game. EDIT That might not be true - female halflings could be worse!

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