Works for me, just recently got the game and did 8 players on a team. At times I'm dealing with near 12+ units on the screen as allies.

No issue at all.
Everything runs smooth and quick, Larian did a great job imo.

It seems Larian has already have almost everything in place. The mod itself just changes the party max limit and we ourselves choose the number and nothing more. Meaning it's a very likely possibility. The UI is already made to accommodate for more than 6 players on a team. Even reaction works as intended.

Gsmeplay-wise so far, it's fun, combat is fast pace, there's no clutter. And lastly, none of the excuse being thrown out is affecting my gameplay at all. There's a few minor bug in scenes where 3 of the body just stands in the same spot and doesn't have a place to stand in cutscenes when they can very possibly do.

All in all a smooth gameplay. I've did a run with 3 already and time isn't an issue.

It's actually funner with 6+ because I get to use more options and more action economy going on, I'm actually enjoying combat more with more companions. There's more chemical reactions that can go on the field as well.

So people complaining about not being able to comprehend and handle a lot of party members, it's a you thing.
If you're not capable of doing something so simple buddy. Uninstall this game and go back to minecraft or something.

Also it's probably psychologically a control thing too. Where you like controlling how random strangers live their life so you feel some form of empowerment for once in your life.
Sounds like the typical sensitive neckbeard on reddit.

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