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I can refute this.

Everything is not build on 4 players at all.

Have you actually tested 3 player teams, 4 and 6, 8, heck even one or two and than some?

If not, I don't think folks should be making assumptions based on biased opinions.

Bro what's wrong with you? People having a different assessment of a situation is not a psychological bid for control, and being skeptical of game-balancing holding up is not a "biased opinion." Chill out.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, is talking about the game being too complicated at large party sizes.

If anything, the reason things are built around 4 player parties at most is because the game would be TOO EASY. There would be no challenge whatsoever based on current combat encounters with a significantly larger party. You could just steamroll everything without thinking. That's why Larian's previous games offer a greater challenge by using a one-person party, or a much easier time with a 4-person party. You can have a massive party if you want, but it's just going to be really, really easy. And kill all the game balance.

Also if you can mod the game to give you a larger party, why do you care if people think the main release should consider game-balance for party size? Just mod it how you want to play it then. Your insults, accusations, and claims of refutations are unfounded.

As an aside, let's take rolls for example. First, each character has a chance to interact with something in the world and roll for a chance at success. Let's suppose there is something which requires a roll of 20, with no bonuses. Each character therefore has a 1/20 chance of success, or 5% chance. For a party of one, failure would have a probability of 95%. For a party of 2, failure would have a probability of (.95)^2, or .9025, or 90.25%. A party of three would have a (.95)^3, or 85.73% chance of failure. A party of four (.95)^4, or 81.45% chance of failure. A party of five would have 77.37% chance of failure. Party of six, 73.51% chance of failure. Party of seven, 69.83% chance of failure. Party of eight, 66.34% chance of failure. As combat is also based on rolls, and damage tends to be somewhat uniform (a small assumption), success rates would tend to increase the larger your party, especially considering damage would multiply per each party member added. So we decrease the probability of failure on rolls from 95%-->66% (or 81.45%-->73.51% if 4-->6) on worst case scenarios, and multiply the amount of damage the party does by 1.50 or 2, depending on your suggestions. That's going to ruin any semblance of difficulty the game has to offer.

The game has a baked-in level of difficult based on a certain level of damage output and a certain probability of failure. These range from hard (small parties) to easy (party of four).

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