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So people complaining about not being able to comprehend and handle a lot of party members, it's a you thing.
If you're not capable of doing something so simple buddy. Uninstall this game and go back to minecraft or something.

Also it's probably psychologically a control thing too. Where you like controlling how random strangers live their life so you feel some form of empowerment for once in your life.
Sounds like the typical sensitive neckbeard on reddit.

Why so snippy? Glad you’re enjoying playing with an expanded party, but no one has complained that they can’t comprehend or handle lots of party members, at least not recently though I don’t pretend to recall all the ins and outs of this thread. There are valid concerns raised about balance with larger parties, but if those don’t bother you and you find combat with more party members fun then … great.
Yes no need for people to be rude or snippy. But, it is a fact that many people have indeed complained here about how difficult it is for them to manage six character parties, a claim that totally shocks me and does go to people's level of competence.