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Yes no need for people to be rude or snippy. But, it is a fact that many people have indeed complained here about how difficult it is for them to manage six character parties, a claim that totally shocks me and does go to people's level of competence.

Umm … I’m afraid that still sounds a bit rude. Though admittedly nowhere near as bad as the post I’d first responded to smile. But Larian need input from all sorts of players in order to balance the game, and dismissing those who find (or would find) some elements harder than you do as incompetent is not helpful or constructive. Yes, some of us will be better or worse at the game (and some of us could be better if we took a more optimising approach but prefer a base challenge level that promotes roleplay over minmaxing), but that’s all fine and we should be able to say how we find it without judgement.

Still, thank you for the correction on point of fact that some players have indeed said they would find a larger party too difficult. That’s useful info, though of course not the only possible objection to a larger party. And I do now also recall discussion of managing a larger party being more time-consuming and fiddly, particularly in light of some of the game’s frustrations around pathfinding or auto jumping failures where we have to take control of each party member in turn. But hopefully that mainly relates to mechanics that will be improved in the full game anyway, so will become less of a consideration.

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