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...This is too much work for a forum post. I'm coming back to this later.

I think we probably get the gist enough to agree the general thrust. No need to make your brain explode smile! Or am I just projecting?
You're right. I'm not going back and changing everything. The math is a little wrong though for the given situation. People get the point. I think combat illustrates it best, as does a repeatable roll:
Let us suppose there is a party of 4 and a party of 8. Let us also suppose there is only one side on the die which gives us success. Therefore, b=0.95, i=multiplier, n=4or8.
For a party of 4, overall combat effectiveness, z=0.742i
For a party of 8, overall combat effectiveness, z=2.693i
So a party of 8 is NOT merely two times stronger than a party of 4, but IS ACTUALLY 3.629 TIMES STRONGER THAN A PARTY OF 4.

Remember the human (This is a forum for a video game):