I'm not even being rude, I'm just being blunt.
Big difference buddy.
If you tell me the sky is red during the daytime, I'm not going to play along and suck you off, I'll tell you how it is. So in this case, I'm talking to the folks using their lack of competence as an argument. No need to twist logic.
3 is fine but 5 is not? Makes no sense.
My point is, just because you can't do it, don't mean we can't too to them.

That's why you have the choice to choose easy mode.
Folks are too sensitive these days. Cancel culture got everyone soft as a marshmallow.

You proved my point exactly, that people have different preferences and the freedom to play how you want is how it should be. So if folks want to play with 2-18 members, it's on them.

No need to make judgment on how other play, yet the four is the ideal number folks seem to not recognize the meaning of that phrase.

Imagine if the cap was two members in a party and you have to mod to get four. All these other guys here that's been saying no to 6 would riot lol. I'm just speaking out for the other guys who seems to be outnumbered, if it's too blunt, it's on them to deal with it, freedom of speech my dude.