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It is founded.

You got time to write essays and get hurt, you got time to read back a few pages. Especially once you started doing math and calculations, it meant this got personal enough to you to bring that out as an argument.

My point is that, there's no need for people to just mod it in when it should just be an option you can choose already. The greatest games made are usually those that give player, the freedom of choice.

I'm not being snippy, I'm calling out the macho neckbeard behind their screens. That it's not as big of an issue as they make it seem.

So, unless you fit the shoes, I only sound snippy to you because it affects you directly, since you probably fit the neckbeard description.

Weather it's 2 members or 12.
It brings back the point that people are biased towards a four member party vs any other number because that's what they're comfortable with, because they were wired their whole lives to use that number.

That how other people play shouldn't affect you.

Difficulty is relative.
Because no shit, with more it's more simple. But the fixes is simple as well. You're acting as if that argument wasn't addressed already.

Plus, if it's too easy for you buddy, stick to a four member party. I never forced you to do more, common sense.
You sound very mature. I got time to write essays and point out people acting ridiculous, yes. Hurt, not really, just annoyed at your tone. I do math because I like it, if you can fathom that. But the far easier option is that I can just mute you because you're clearly not adding anything to discussion, just insulting people and insisting on your position instead of stating a viable argument. Balancing is difficult and it matters, and the game is balanced around a minimum difficulty for 4-character parties. Maybe they'll change it. Who knows. Your every whim cannot be accommodated just because you want it to be that way. Just mod it how you like it. And maybe learn how to form a coherent argument? Y'know, without throwing out general insults, where anyone who calls you out for throwing out insults is suddenly the object of those insults?

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