Because I'm responding to them in the order I've received them in. Our buddy here is online 24/7 so it looks like I'm skipping his arguments when in actually he's responding as soon as it comes up, as if my dude here works in this forum.

But I've said my two cent.

Another thing to note in response to mr I'm taking this passionately and personally, is that, no.

You actually spent more time playing vs waiting, because you have more action econ, and no shit the game was made to revolve around 4 players and it's expected to launch as a four player game, but 6 players should still be an option down the line, not as a mod.

So, the AI is actually not slower at all, it's the same, unless it's reflects to the user using it, than perhaps that's why yours is slower.

A lot of your arguments I can refute already from gameplay
alone, outside of doing math and making assumptions, have you actually played with more than 4+ party members? I've done both and there's no real difference mate. Not to mention a lot of them have been addressed already multiple times tbh.

Inventory management isn't an issue. Must be a you thing than. You got no time to manage inventories for 2 more mins yet you got time to write essays here and do math calculations about the probability of certain stuff happening as if it's a real argument, when people are already loading dices as an additional option to actually get more success.

So you're saying people actually enjoy missing out on content because rng says no.

Multiplayer can be optimized.

Multiplayer also becomes significantly funner when your friends and you can actually have their own team running around too.

Alot of the issues you bring up can be optimized.

Ngl, a lot of your arguments comes more from a what I want perspective than a I want to allow folks to play how they want perspective.

For example your map and strategy constraint argument basically reeks of it. You want it, so apparently it's the only way.

What if folks want to be able to more freely add to their game strategy without having to play the game 100 times to test out all the classes. It goes with your time argument, we're not trying to play 100 times, just one time to great effects since we have a life outside of this forum and game.

Pathing hasn't been an issue yet, at least not different to a four player member party. Don't see the issue.

Resurrection, inventory and camera are all pretty invalid arguments. Because again, it wasn't an issue, it's more or less the same as four players unless it's again, another you thing.

Unchaining isn't even bad, if it is, than you probably have a hard time flicking your finger to signal when driving.
Imagine going to the gym bro, lifting weights and playing sports is harder. Not really an issue, it's more or less the same as with 4 players.

Stealth is stealth, who even stealth with more than one or two members? I don't see the issue. You stealth to scout and get advantages, if you're trying to sneak through, obviously compare to 4 players buddy, it's no different. Those who sucks at it will get caught anyways.

In relation to your argument for a more challenging game, isn't that what you want? More challenge bringing over two more person over to the other side? Hypocritical to think you want a harder perspective check but an easiee stealth check.

And I'll not saying release it as a six player game, don't put words into my mouth buddy, I get you're emotional when it comes to me lol.
But, I did say it should be an option. Not a mod. Because that's like saying all these new classes that were added should've been mods.

Because it's all or less just features. Being able to have more friends join you or having more party members was a feature too. I don't see the difference.

Even Larian talked about adding sidekicks, that more or less brings the party count to 8 not counting summons. A lot of your arguments than becomes invalid again, like the map ones and the inventory management to cameras.

Because it's a planned feature.

And what's wrong with a new player filling their party up to max? If it's 6 or not, nothing tbh, it's still an option and if it's a toggable feature, how is it even an issue? Even if it's not, still not an issue.

Because as I said, I'm running an 8 man party rn and the only difference is that I'm ending combat sooner, yes sooner not longer because I'm playing more and spending less time looking at the AI move. Surprisingly enough huh? That's why I'm asking if you with all your time spent here, if you even tried wearing the other person's shoes.

And just like that too, buddy below you gave a good constructive argument, but what's the point? Notice buddy how you made his ego bigger by not being blunt with him. He didn't really even address your point or recognize them. Dude just slid passed them to assert his own even more lol. Like how he never really respond to any of my argument. He only heard what he wanted.

It goes back to my neckbeard comment. From his manner of speech alone, the air of "I'm superior in intelligence" "Just shut up and agree with me already because my opinion is the only right one", the more I read, the more I can basically copy and paste his comment onto reddit and we wouldn't even know the difference.

His arguments are stupid tbh.

A lot of what he's saying is, the game was made for 4 and should stay as 4. If Larian made it as 6, it would've worked too.
So obviously, it wouldn't be an issue to make it 6 down the lIne for those who wants 6.

I'm saying it for the old BG fans too, I'm not one of them, but I understand their point.

He said a small minority, bruh. This forum has over 300k people who came in it because this topic resonated with them, if even only 100k of those were the old BG players, that's not a small minority at all.

And again, yeah, it's not the average consumer buddy. It's the upcoming generation and era we live in.

Any issue you've basically came up tbh, was already going to happen without the mod anyways, camera issue? If every member summon something it would've been there anyways.

At least come up with a real issue that can't be fix with time tbh.

I like how the argument for 4 P vs 5+ P has gradually evolved from a it'll never happen because we don't want it to so we're going to say it's impossible, to a "Haha itbwas possible after all but there's no time left to do it" debate.

But whatever, my point stands.
If they wanted to add the option, 5+ party members wouldn't be an issue, because as it looks rn, it's not looking hard at all, it'll take more time, but out of respect for the OGs before us, it should be an option still.
They've already made quality of life options before in their previous games, not looking like Larian is too inept to listen too. So people are voicing their opinion on the matter because obviously Larian might listen.

Said my two cent for those who wanted it and I'm done.

A whole essay, but I'm just shitting anyways.

To the guy who took it a bit too personal. Relax buddy, I get this is probably the most excitement and more emotional inducing human interaction you had in a min, but I'm just stating what I see as it is.
Apologies if any grudges were made because of it. 🤣
All I'm saying is, I made a whole point and all you got from it was that the insults was aimed at you. So all I said is that, unless the shoes fit, it shouldn't have stung you. So adios 😂

Because at least one rational guy came and didn't get offended because he knew better. Than those sensitive softies who got offended. Apologies for speaking to you indirectly, directly.

Mute me or whatever, as long as it makes you feel better, idc tbh, I'm only on here once or twice a couple years.

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