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My point is that, there's no need for people to just mod it in when it should just be an option you can choose already. The greatest games made are usually those that give player, the freedom of choice.
I don't think anyone here is arguing than an option for party size is bad. Everyone would want a game that is perfectly tailored for every parameters under the sun. The thing is, balancing a game is an absolute nightmare (I know, I dabbled a bit in it on a personal project). It would require a monumental effort to offer a game that is an fun for parties of 4 or 6. Heck, even WotR, the most praised recent game with a 6 man party has its balance completely broken beyond redemption partly because of it. I can only see modders having enough time to take on this project, Larian has already reported the game multiple times and has most likely no interest in adding this feature.

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Can you elaborate on your experience with balancing, snowram? Right now, if we want to preserve the "pace" of the game (not too many slow enemies with slow AI clogging up gametime), it seems the best way to transition from a 4-person party to a 6-person party is to:
Rig the die against the party by, say, 10-15%, AND
Multiply everyone's damage and health by around 2/3 (I'm getting this from 4 people/6 people), AND
Slightly increase enemy health and damage output.
Also rig the die against the party in multiple chance rolls in the world.
How does game balancing account for emergent factors or unforeseen outcomes beyond just mathematical effectiveness? I imagine if you have an 8-person party, you could likely chain-shove your way to some ridiculous outcomes.

Also @MrFuji,
I would support a means of reconciling difficulty and party size. If I recall correctly, DOS2 had 3-4 difficulty modes. Story, Normal, Tactician, and I think a 4th super-hard mode, but I may be misremembering. I imagine a 1 person party on normal could have the same difficulty as a 4 person party on tactician. Should story mode just have the option to have a party of 6 right out the gate? Also, assuming you've played the game with a large party mod (or was it snowram?), can you tell me if it affected story progression at all? Would Larian have to rework conversations/banter/dialogue/stories, especially in light of the "override" clause in companion story moments in DOS2?

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