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I would support a means of reconciling difficulty and party size. If I recall correctly, DOS2 had 3-4 difficulty modes. Story, Normal, Tactician, and I think a 4th super-hard mode, but I may be misremembering. I imagine a 1 person party on normal could have the same difficulty as a 4 person party on tactician. Should story mode just have the option to have a party of 6 right out the gate? Also, assuming you've played the game with a large party mod (or was it snowram?), can you tell me if it affected story progression at all? Would Larian have to rework conversations/banter/dialogue/stories, especially in light of the "override" clause in companion story moments in DOS2?
I'd be fine with story mode having the option for a party of 6 right out of the gate, assuming the game is sufficiently functional using a 6-person party of course. It'd be more work to manage 6-person parties, but that should be offset by the reduced effort from playing on story mode. Also, you by definition get more story more easily with a 6-person party (dialogues, quests, etc), so it's definitely appropriate for story mode.

I haven't used such a mod, but I've heard that there are specific points in BG3 that don't work with 6-person parties. E.g., getting on the boat to Moonrise -> the game automatically kicks/kills your 5th & 6th (and more) party members. I've heard that the dialogue works well though; companions banter/etc appropriately.