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I would support a means of reconciling difficulty and party size. If I recall correctly, DOS2 had 3-4 difficulty modes. Story, Normal, Tactician, and I think a 4th super-hard mode, but I may be misremembering. I imagine a 1 person party on normal could have the same difficulty as a 4 person party on tactician. Should story mode just have the option to have a party of 6 right out the gate? Also, assuming you've played the game with a large party mod (or was it snowram?), can you tell me if it affected story progression at all? Would Larian have to rework conversations/banter/dialogue/stories, especially in light of the "override" clause in companion story moments in DOS2?
I'd be fine with story mode having the option for a party of 6 right out of the gate, assuming the game is sufficiently functional using a 6-person party of course. It'd be more work to manage 6-person parties, but that should be offset by the reduced effort from playing on story mode. Also, you by definition get more story more easily with a 6-person party (dialogues, quests, etc), so it's definitely appropriate for story mode.

I haven't used such a mod, but I've heard that there are specific points in BG3 that don't work with 6-person parties. E.g., getting on the boat to Moonrise -> the game automatically kicks/kills your 5th & 6th (and more) party members. I've heard that the dialogue works well though; companions banter/etc appropriately.
The "override" problem is the sticking point for having a 6-person party in story mode. In DOS2, many companions have interweaving stories. Usually, one companion's story take priority over the other (outside of Act 1). Only that companion gets to "speak up," while the other companion with the equally relevant story gets sidelined. If the emphasis of story mode is on the story, I imagine the "override" problem needs to be resolved. I'd do it like DAO/ME, where all the companions speak it sequence, and everyone gets a say, with the antagonist responding to all of them, but I don't know if Larian would go for that because it might not work with BG3. I'd say if they can solve the override problem, make all companions equally engaged in the story, then a 6-person party is viable. The problem still exists for 4-persons, but not as much.

If dialogue works well, then that's one less thing to worry about. Similarly, I think the Moonrise problem is a quick fix. It sounds more like a bug than a fundamental problem.

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