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not-popular opinion. I would like more team of 2, like it was in NVN. It would simplify many things like combat and the game itself.
In general, I think if you want a constant/consistent experience at release, it is wise to have a small party on lower difficulties, and a larger party at higher difficulties. It won't cancel everything out, but it basically means you get a bit of extra challenge if you are taking an advantageous party, or a little bit less challenge if you are limiting yourself. Or a very easy mode with a large party at easy mode, paired with a traditional Lone Wolf Tactician mode for hard.

Reverse this. I mean, the first part. Yes to the last part. Keep the enemies as is. On Easy, allow a party of 6-8. On Normal, a party of 4 max. On Hard, a party of 2 max. On Extreme, Solo.

This would require less effort for the devs, and everyone should be happy.

But whatever the case, they need to do away with the whole "You're full up" comments. They just bug me to no end. You are in hostile territory. You're invading a goblin camp. A party of 4 is stupid when you could have 6 or more to face 30+ goblins and their allies.
So I think we can all agree that the right way to increase party size without ruining game balance is to tie it to difficulty in some fashion.

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