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101 page of this discussion!!
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I think we have to start all over again, there is soo much not said yet ...

For example, a party of 4 feels restricted. What do I feel with a party of 6 if I want a party of 7? well

Party of 8, all the way!

Here's why:

1. In multiplayer, I can have 3 friends play with me and each of us can control a companion.
2. In single player, I can have my MC and 7 other companions b all the current ones and Jaheira and Minsc. Bam! Perfect.
3. I'll naturally short rest less, meaning things in the story will flow more smoothly because I could easily complete EA without long resting once, just like the game kinda makes it seem like it should be with buildings that never burn out and rituals that never complete.
4. I don't really have anything else because I am not serious.

But party of 6 is definitely just right. Come on, Larian. It's 1 number. Make it legit so we don't need to mod it.