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But 8 does make the game SO easy that it is no longer fun.
I gues this depends on taste ...
Also, there will be difficiulty setting in final game to tune this futher. wink

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On the other hand, I think they COULD limit party size in a more story-driven and realistic way.
Just no.

There is roleplay ... and there are game mechanics ... and theese two should never, ever, EVER! Mix together ... it dont end well.
No matter what explanation you create, it will sound weird in some situation ... thrust me (or not, w/e), its better to leave it where it belongs. :-/

Weird that you would say that. Roleplay and game mechanics NEVER mix? But that's what a Roleplaying Game is. It's a mix of roleplaying and game mechanics. The entire premise of D&D is this very thing.

I just thought, from a DM's viewpoint, that if I was DMing a tabletop session of BG3, I'd certainly not tell the players, "You can only take 4 characters with you into the Goblin Camp." I'd just say, "Who are you taking?" and if they took everyone at their camp, even if that was 20 characters, I'd not prevent them from doing so. I might have an NPC say, "Hmmm. Are you sure you want to take so many? I mean, isn't it going to look weird if we take so many people into their camp? They might view us immediately with suspicion."

Absolutely, I would do this. I could see people at the grove accepting a large party. They might even view them as saviors, but the goblin camp would definitely see a larger party as a potential security risk. I'd have goblin sentries following the PCs around, watching them at all times. The larger the group, the more sentries would follow them. If they did ANYthing wrong, the sentries would run off and alert the entire camp.

In this way, larger parties would probably have to fight more enemies at once. Attack Minthara in her inner sanctum? A sentry or 2 runs off and alerts everyone. Suddenly, you might have a party of 8, but you're fighting the entire goblin camp of 20-40 as they come in waves to kill you. Maybe you should have gone with a smaller party. Then they wouldn't have even thought twice about you. Makes sense to me, anyway. A whole lot more sense than Lae'zel telling me I'm full up because I have only 3 other companions especially when there is an entire army of cultists you're about to go attack and especially if you drew them to the grove and you and your companions might be the only hope of the entire grove surviving.