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if I was DMing a tabletop session...
If you were DMing a tabletop session ... you are human being, on the contrary of our PC game ... wich (among other things) means you can adjust everything in the game acordingly to your party in real time ... PC cant do that.

But we allready talked about this in the past. -_-
You simply cant compare PC game and tabletop session.

There is game mechanic, that limits your party size ... it dont exist in roleplay in any way, it dont make any sesnse for it to exist in any way ... so it should be ignored from Roleplay perspective and kept in system only.
As stated several times in our past discusions. -_-

And once again I disagree. Tabletop is not impossible to implement in a PC game. In this scenario, actually, it could be done. You have a party of 5 or less, no change in gameplay. You have 6 or more in the party, coding is put into the game so that if you show up at the goblin camp, goblin guards start following you around, 1 sentry per extra companion above 5. Add a line of dialogue from the Narrator where she says, "Seems you've attracted some unwanted attention; perhaps because you have a few too many companions. Larger groups do draw greater suspicion, don't they?" and viola. Done.

I mean, you said it yourself. The game already can handle party of 8. So it's not an actual limitation that HAS to be implemented or the game would crash. It is entirely implemented, as Fuji said, I believe, because the devs want to balance combat around party of 4.