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And once again I disagree. Tabletop is not impossible to implement in a PC game.
Not sure who are you disagreeing with ... since nobody said this. O_o
But good for you i gues. :-/

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You have 6 or more in the party, coding is put into the game so that if you show up at the goblin camp, goblin guards start following you around, 1 sentry per extra companion above 5.
Ok ...
So i go with party of 4 ... Tav, Gale, Wyll and Shadowheart ...
I will be a Ranger, and will have a Pet ... Gale will have summoned familiar ... Wyll will have summoned familiar ... and Shadowheart use scroll to summon Shovel the Quasit ...

We are party of 4 ... so the game does nothing even tho there is 8 of us.
So everything is fine.

Then we just add Lae'zel to the equation ...
And lets say that we rested, so Shovel is not with us anymore ... and this time i dont want to spend spellslot to sumon familiar with Gale ...

Now there is 7 of us ... but what just happened? Some goblin is following us, bcs "there is suspiciously many of us now". -_-
That indeed sounds perfectly logical. xD

Or we can make it even funnier ... lets presume the game will count whole party not just character members.
I didnt try it myself, but i heared that if you summon a Zombie and it bites someone, that one can turn into another Zombie under your control:
Your party of 5 (familiars and followers included) is fine:
> sumon a zombie - SUSPICIOUS!
> dismiss a zombie - FINE, nobody care.
> sumon a zombie - SUSPICIOUS!
> dismiss a zombie - FINE, nobody care.
> sumon a zombie - SUSPICIOUS!
> dismiss a zombie - FINE, nobody care.

See what i mean?

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"Seems you've attracted some unwanted attention; perhaps because you have a few too many companions. Larger groups do draw greater suspicion, don't they?"
Eh ... no.
No, they dont ... i mean in Goblin camp, since that is example you picked ... they outumber you in ratio 4:1 ... even if you take all your companions and 3 Tavs to have 8 characters in total ... wich is maximum party you can have now ... they still outnumber you 2:1 ...

What makes you so suspicious in larger group?
Especialy if we take under concideration that even single Wizard on apropriate level can decimate 90% of them with SINGLE fireball? laugh

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown