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HP ... damage potential

For someone sake ... pick a side for once. -_-

Um. What? What sides? Roleplay and mechanics go hand in hand. That's what I've been saying all along. People who separate them don't fully understand the mechanics.

Lae'zel is a much bigger threat than a wolf or quasit both mechanically and from a story perspective. So, absolutely a party of 8 characters is more a threat and worthy of suspicion than 4 with 4 minions. If I have a ranger, fighter, thief, wizard, warlock, and cleric plus a paladin and barbarian, that's a MUCH bigger threat than a ranger, fighter, thief and wizard with a wolf, quasit, raven and zombie.

BTW, the whole zombie apocalypse thing is SO not D&D or FR lore. It's just for the sake of modern zombie apocalypse lovers. It is 100% not cool and just another gimmick that breaks the game.

But whatever. We're not discussing zombies here. We're talking controlling party size with actual story consequences. You know, things Larian for some reason doesn't like. You know, things that make sense.

Large party creates suspicion. Makes sense.
Party of 4 and people say, "You're full up. Go face 30 goblins and ogres and bugbears with 4 people because of... Um...