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It's about a PERCEIVED threat, not the actual threat.
I would say this really depends a lot on your experiences and knowledge ...

Skiny wizards in robes may not seem like a threat to someone from our world, who never had to fear magic.
Do you really imply that those Goblins have no idea what Booyahg is? laugh wink

In my honest opinion, Goblins especialy should know well enough wich travelers is safe to ambush ... and wich would be best to leave alone. laugh Even if they would learn by trial and error method. wink


Wich takes me to another point i was originaly saving for later, but now i wonder why actually. laugh

- Lets say our Goblin guard is exactly the type who respects (or understands, strike out what dont apply) raw physical strength only ... okey?
- Now lets say there is group of 5/6/7/8...even 10 if you like ... HUUUUUGE muscular Barbarians with HUUUUUGE two handed bloodied Axes ... their bodies and faces are full of scarry tatoos, and HUUUUUUGE scars ... and they all wear TIIIIINY loincloth. xD (Sry, i had to.)

So ... our Goblin is suspicious ... right?
Such group seems like potential trouble ... right?
So, he is kinda affraid of them, bcs fear is natural reaction to immediate proximity of something that threatens your whole tribe ... right?

And you are trying to tell me that this Goblin ... GOBLIN!!!
Would decide to personally follow this obvious threat in case they decide to make trouble? O_o

Can you please give me some common characteristic of Goblins? laugh
Bcs as far as i know, courage, devotion, or willingness to sacrifice themselves, was never their top 3. laugh

And before someone say it ...
IF you think that this goblin would send someone else with them ... question stays as it is, just move to another Goblin.
OR IF you think that they should go in larger numbers ... how many Goblins, i repeat GOBLINS, would in your (resp. their) eyes outweight huge, i repeat HUUUUUUUUGE Barbarian with HUUUUUUUUUGE bloodied Axe, and Tiiiiiny loincloth? laugh

In my opinion ...
Goblins should outnumber our Barbarians at least 10:1 in order to be brave enough to make any demands. laugh
And do remember that even at Goblin gate, where there is if i remember corectly around 7 Goblins, 2 Worgs, and option to call another 4 Goblins as reinforcements ...
Our Barbaian is threatening enough to force that goblin to litteraly eat shit. :-/
So ... 15:1 is still not enough. laugh

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown