First of all I have no idea about D&D at all, I like rpgs games like DAO, Fallout 1 and 2, and DOS2 and those kind of games.

I really dislike the rest/short rest/long rest system. It's just annoying and kills the pacing of the game to just go looting everything to get the 40 rations required, go back to the camp to recharge abilities and then jump back into the map or dungeon again... I mean I get the RP point but this is a game, this is just taking more time to do things... For example the goblin camp, I like the idea of going the heroe's path and kill every little nasty goblin but with this rest system I had to go rest to the camp at least 4 times for each heavy encounter, I just wanted to go all in rampage at once but I had no more skills or spells.

I really like the no cooldown system or at least the DOS2 system that has cooldowns marked by turns and they recharge faster when out of combat.