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... I try to complete areas like the goblin camp without long resting. Personally, I would be disappointed if the game were rebalanced to make it possible to sweep through the camp heroically killing everything other than with extreme difficulty, given that’s not what we’re prompted to do and would make it far too easy to accomplish the core task of killing the leaders.

In the full game there will hopefully be some easier challenge settings that will allow more killing with less resting, but in the meantime it does seem fair that those who want to “rampage” and go all in with their spells and skills will probably have to take advantage of the fact that the game does allow long rest mid-mission, to preserve balance for players who prefer to take the more measured sort of approach that the game is more tailored for.

Wow, the whole goblin camp without long resting? That's an achievement. Maybe I'm traumatized as I once lost the first fight against Mutt and her goblins, shortly after EA release (and I lost only 4 fights since EA release alltogether), but I usually rest after each boss (sometimes when I'm lucky I can do Mutt and Ragslin and the mean traders in one rush, but not Mintara too). I also always rest before Auntie Ethel (another lost first fight ...). eek

To the supply packs, they are boring but for me they have the magic of not cluttering my inventory. I don't like the many food items I find, I'm lazy, because there are already the supply packs. Changing the current foot to cooking ingredients does not work well because many food you find is already cooked. But I like the idea to bind some advantages and disadvantages to certain food types. I always play survival versions of games with additional needs and pressures, so I'm not unused to some micromanagement. smile