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Wow, the whole goblin camp without long resting? That's an achievement.

Well, I do not find it at all easy, but that’s the fun! It’s certainly easier for a character willing to leave a number of goblins alive, though, whereas my paladin who wanted to clear the whole camp had the party hanging to life by a thread by the end.

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I also always rest before Auntie Ethel (another lost first fight ...). eek

Yep, I also try to do the whole bit from meeting Ethel and Mayrina’s brothers through to the end of that quest without resting, though confess that in one of my patch 9 playthroughs I failed at that when I tried to fight Ethel supported by the masks at level 4 having burnt a number of Shadowheart’s level 1 spells on protections from evil. It was close, but after about four goes I did give up and come back and try again at level 5. I like to challenge myself, but not to the point of total frustration!

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Changing the current foot to cooking ingredients does not work well because many food you find is already cooked.
I don’t see why finding some pre-cooked food is at all incompatible with a system which lets you use recipes to combine raw ingredients into cooked food. It would just mean that some stuff you find can be used in recipes to increase how much it counts towards your rest rations, whereas your processed ready-meals have to be used as is. There are many, many raw ingredients to be found in the game currently that could be used in that way.

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