Well, I should prefer a realistic rest system but with D&D rules, it seems to be not so possible so I will deal with what the system is offering for now , dreaming of some mods to do better.

Regarding SR & LR,

I get used of the current system by doing my two shorts rests seen like 1/3 of the day, 2/3 of the day then long rest. If I expect a big fight, I stop my day before and it is ok. It is not the best but acceptable.
If you are not using the tadpole, well, the tadpole is not growing from my experience so LR at camp could be quite boring.

Regarding main camp

- Some optional activities like fishing/ fishing with the owlbear, cooking, crafting if a dedicated workbench is available, looking at stars, etc should be nice.
- Cooking should allow to create meals from raw ingredients and should bring more rest points. We have already examples of mushroom soup or bouillabaisse (a french meal) so I think it is already on the pipe with the final release.
- Dedicated workbench are not provided automatically. The slot is existing but you need to combine stuff found during explanation to get the installation.
Example : cooking is possible if you combine fire place + cooking pot => cooking station

- When you are using Send to camp option, objects are going into a dedicated container ( no tomatoes anymore stored under a heavy plate armor !!!)
Example : barrel for vegetables, chest for armors, pile of books for book (even if storing book outside is probably not a good thing crazy
- Ideally, you collect the container you want during exploration and at camp, you transform it as a dedicated container not existing yet.
=> This feature implies that every object has a tag to identify that this carrot is a vegetable, this piece of pork is meat, etc Technically feasible i guess.

- Remove the zombie from the camp (I don't want to sleep with a zombie with not clear intentions around me)
- After rescuing Volo, it could become the crap dealer of the gang. It would probably also provide access to the mercenaries (if I look to the title provided by the system in my french version) or organize the camp by providing supplies for workbench (with some coins).

Regarding mini camp

I should have prefer to be able to camp directly on the map on some locations but unfortunatly it will not happen. I am still finding weird to see these camping sites popping from nowhere but ok.

- Still no zombie
- Volo not available
- Creating a mini camp is consuming a supply bag to establish the camp (and create the fire place) as a prerequisite
- No workbench available
- 4 sleeping bags on inventory needed as prerequisite (not consumed)
- Cooking station can be enabled if you combine the right objects
- Containers camp not available
- Extra companions not available
- Medium to high risk of encounters (based if the "dungeon" is cleared or not)

Dans le doute, frappe ...