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You could say that about BA shove and sneak abuse too
I know ...

Except there is very good argument for Shove, that even if you ignore it as hard as you can, NPCs are still using it against you.

But for Sneaking, i totally do. laugh

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The problem here is that people want a bigger party for reasons beyond just difficulty. Some people to be able to interact with more characters at a time, they want to see more companions' reactions to things, etc while at the same time having a satisfying difficulty experience for them.
Those are people who just want everything ... you cant just have everything.

Morpheus would say:
Take red pill and have satisfying difficiulty experience ...
Take blue pill and have party of 6 ...

Sure, you can try to snatch both pills, cursh them to dust and snort them (seen that meme?) ... but then you will die, bcs drugs are bad and have neither. :P laugh

We just have to pick ...
I mean, Larian dont really need to do anything (and quite honestly, there is no signal that they would, so ... nothing is probably whats going to happen).
Its we who want something beyond what we were offered ... and we therefore should also be willing to take step back and accept compromise. To me, compromise that i (and i know im not alone on this forum) am totally willing to accept, is that game ballance would be thrown out of window, just so Larian have as little extra work with this extra feature as possible.

And before someone (again) repeat that argument about people who were not on this forum, yes this was also talked about in the past ... warning sign, is all we need ... simple text that will show when you change this option saying:
"WARNING! This game was ballanced for party of 4, if you change this setting, your game will be unballanced and probably a lot easier than you expected ... are you willing to accept this?"
And voila!
Everyone has ben warned ... and yes, i know, even then there will be idiots who will be complaining ... but i just refuse to even concider such ... "people" (for lack of better therm).

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I mean, anyone can ask for an objectively flawed product, it wont change the fact that everyone and Larian will laugh at the suggestion.
Quite bold statement isnt it?

I mean ... it would make sense in game, where developers would actively try to ballance things out, keep close to ground and dont try to make anything too insane.
But we are talking about Larian here.
And i dont really mean it in any bad way, but do you honestly feel like the company that after two years of constant critic ... still let you, lets just say "do everything we can do in this game" to keep this short ... would laugh to suggestion that would make this game "more fun even tho it may be less ballanced"? laugh
Srsly? laugh

Please ...
Go read some topics about Resting, about Sneak Attack, about switching prepared spells any time in between combat, about absurd amount of consumables (Food, potions, and scrolls), about Barrels of smokepowder, about ... i dunno, i said i want to keep this short, and yet i digress again. xD
And after you read them ... ask yourself "do i really feel like ballance is Larian main focus here?" ... and if your answer will be yes, then go read them again. laugh

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown